Custom Fields

We streamline issue resolution by customizing user tickets with specialized lists of information. Tailored fields, forms, and lists are included in each ticket, ensuring swift and accurate solutions. Customers can select specific help topics, triggering relevant customizations to best suit their needs and optimize our support services.

Assign, Transfer, Renewal

Optimize ticket handling by assigning them to the appropriate departments or specific agents. Maintain efficient workflows by easily reassigning tickets as needed, with comprehensive assignment, transfer, and renewal notes in the ticket thread.

Service Level Agreements

 Easily keep track of tickets and due dates using SLA Plans! Receive reminders for overdue items and priority escalation. Create as many SLA Plans as you'd like, and assign them to help topics, ticket filters, or departments.

Custom Columns and Queues

Make the most of custom queues to view tickets based on specific criteria and create personalized ticket views. Incorporate custom columns to reveal additional fields in the ticket list, tailored to your preferences.

Advanced Search

Use advanced search to properly narrow down your search. Save your chosen criteria to make future searches easier, but be sure to account for custom fields. Search results can be exported as a CSV file and are added to their own queues. Agents can even choose which fields should be exported to clean up the export.

Help Topics

Efficiently resolve customer issues using customizable web tickets with assistance topics, directing them to the right division for quicker response times. Utilize custom forms tailored to each support topic to collect specific data for every request type.

Thread Action

Agents can now produce a Ticket or Task from the thread entry of a Ticket or Task. To separate or elaborate on an item in a user message, it isn't necessary to create a new ticket or task. Agents can just make a new ticket or task with the message and retain it in the original ticket thread - thanks to thread action.

Avoid Agent Collision

To prevent conflicting or repeat responses, employees can lock tickets using the ticket locking mechanism. Control how long a ticket's lock will last yourself, to avoid having numerous agents reply to the same ticket at once. Other staff members cannot respond to a locked ticket until the lock expires.


Automate ticket responses with personalized data using placeholder variables like %{ticket.name.first} to address users by their first name. Customize and link department-specific auto-answers to help topics for efficient and tailored customer support.

Customer Portal

Access an online archive of all support inquiries and responses. Choose between two login options: register a profile for full ticket access or use email address and ticket number. Empower users with a comprehensive knowledge base for self-solving.


Create internal task lists for agents, which can be attached to tickets or used independently in the help desk system. This ensures tickets remain open until all associated tasks are completed. Collaborators can be added to task items for outside user involvement, while keeping them separate from the ticket thread and its contents.